@CoryBooker: Pinocchio of the Projects

Excellent reporting from Mike Gartland today in the New York Post, with this classic Post headline and graphic:

New York Post Story Booker

Gartland checked into a number of Cory Booker’s “urban legends,” including the death of Wazn Miller, who in a shamelessly fictionalized version of this tale that Booker told for years on the paid speaking circuit was shot and fell right into Booker’s arms, where he stayed until his death:

Here’s the true story of what happened from multiple eye witnesses and the police report:

Wazn Miller didn’t die in Booker’s arms — and while the then-34-year-old pol was there, he may have made matters worse.

A woman was cradling the prone Miller when Miller’s friend David Estrada, 14 at the time, arrived.

“He came over and picked him up,” said Estrada, now 23. “A lot of people said, ‘You’re not supposed to move somebody after they get shot.’ The bullets might start moving around.”

Gilez Smith, 27, said he saw Miller struggling to live and described Booker’s heroics as a “ploy.”

“I told him, ‘Just leave him alone!’ ” Smith recalled. “He was like, ‘Breathe, breathe,’ smacking him all in the face . . . It was a big act.”

Miller “was still breathing” when medics put him in the ambulance, Estrada insisted.

The police report confirms Estrada’s account, not Booker’s. According to the document signed by Newark Detective Vincent Vitiello, Miller “expired from his injuries at University Hospital.”

A coroner’s report also shows that while Miller was in cardiac arrest, resuscitation attempts were in progress as he was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

The cause of death: one “gunshot wound to chest.” Not four.

We now also know definitively that Cory Booker invented a crudely stereotyped black drug dealer named T-Bone. Gartland’s new reporting on that is compelling, too:

“There was never a T-Bone,” said a 32-year-old former resident of Brick Towers, the former housing complex where Booker lived and where “T-Bone” supposedly plied his drug trade.

“There was a T, and there was a Bone from Prince Street,” he recalled. “T was in Brick Towers.”

T was bloodthirsty, his acquaintance recalled. “Booker and T didn’t have no run-in. If they did, Booker wouldn’t be walking around now,” he said.

We know he lied about giving most of his speaking fees to charity. We know he lied about cracking down on dangerous vacant properties – when he actually owned one himself. We know none of Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million ever made it into the classroom.

Worst of all, Newark is suffering violent crime higher than under Sharpe James and unemployment and has gotten much worse on Booker’s watch.

We’ve already seen, tragically, what this man who cares only about himself and his image did to the city of Newark.

Can we risk sending him to the U.S. Senate, where his callous disregard for public safety and for the truth can do serious damage to the whole country?