! @CoryBooker Doubles Down on T-Bone Lie !

The Washington Post has just posted an interview transcript from last week in which Cory Booker was still insisting his fabricated T-Bone story is real.

This is despite the fact that he confessed in 2008 to Newark historian Clement Price that he made up the story. Price, the Distinguished Service Professor at Rutgers (one of the university’s highest faculty honors) confronted Booker in 2008 about a story he believed “pandered to a stereotype of inner-city black men.” The Newark Star-Ledger confirmed the exchange. Price told them: “He told me that my criticism of his invention of T-Bone made perfect sense to him and he had made a mistake.”

Booker’s campaign team lashed out at National Review for running the story, saying:

“This is a national, partisan, right-wing publication that’s trying to make a fake controversy from 2008 into a fake controversy from today. That’s essentially what it is,” Booker campaign spokesman Kevin Griffis told Business Insider in an interview late Thursday.”It’s just not — it’s old news.”

The campaign provided the hometown paper, which ran the same story, with a much simpler no-comment. Of course, accusing the Star-Ledger (Paul Mulshine notwithstanding) of being part of a conservative smear job wouldn’t pass the laugh test.

But the “it’s old news” dodge doesn’t work – because Booker was still telling the lie as recently as last week. And apparently stands by it today.

In 2008 Booker admitted inventing T-Bone was a mistake. Last week, the Washington Post asked him point-blank and got a different answer:

JH: The T-Bone thing was a mistake right?

CB: What T-Bone thing?

JH: Didn’t you create a composite drug dealer character?

CB: Nooo. This is again how the press seems to write history. It’s just not true!

JH: What is the truth?

CB: This is a story that I used to tell all the time that was a hundred percent true.

Except we know it’s not. And we know that Kevin Griffis is only digging the hole deeper when he says “it’s old news” just a week after his boss repeated the same old lie. The same lie that, in Price’s words, panders to a stereotype of inner-city black men. A mistake in 2008 but totally acceptable in 2013, apparently.

Kudos to the Washington Post. Where’s the rest of the mainstream media?

ICYMI: We posted video of Booker telling his ridiculous T-Bone story here.  You’ll note that halfway through they seem to teleport from T-Bone’s car to Booker’s, but in the realm of fantasy, why not?